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  Bacteriological Test Reagents
Salmonella Diagnostics
Shigella Diagnostics
Yersinia Diagnostics
Coli Diagnostics
Reagents in Bulk for Further Manufacturing Use (FFMU) for Bacterial Serotyping

Culture Media
Dehydrated Culture Media
Base Materials
Detection Reagents

Antibodies for Immunoassays
Anti-Mistletoe lectins
Detection of Rabies Virus
Reagents for Human IgM Antibody Detection

Blood Grouping
Test Reagents (Ready-to-use)
Test Reagents (Ready-to-use) and kits used for the PK7200 and PK7300
Concentrates and Ready-to-use Reagents (FFMU )
Bedside Cards for Identity Checking

  Monoclonal Antibodies